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Paul E. Andreasen, TSgt, USAF (Ret)

Amateur Radio Callsign: K1JAN, ROMAD Callsign: WOLF One-Zero

This page is my very own "I remember wall" Too much stuff on the walls at home, so I'll hang it here.

If your interested in the personal history of people, come in and read on. If not, it would really bore you to tears, so why bother. there are lots of other pages attached you'll like.

Thanks for visiting my web pages, and may God Bless, Protect and Enrich you and your family's lives. God Bless America, and all who have made her FREE!

For all others, please remember; "We WILL never forget!"

We, the United States of America, have been called a "sleeping giant". Please remember this, the very best advice; that when you should find one of those; "tip toe off and DO NOT AWAKEN HIM, as his wrath is terrible to behold"

For our friends: our supporters, and those who stand beside us, thank you! Help us make the world, all of the world, a more peaceful, and better place for us all!

For our enemies: learn to tremble in fear at the slightest sound, to shake at the tiniest mention of our name, to pray to God, whether called by our name or yours for Him, that you can change, and quickly, because we will not pass you by, but we will try with all our enormous might to make sure your prayers will be heard in person, face to face, with that very God.

Ona these days I'm gonna finish this, but am probably the only one interested, anyway!

Me, in various stages: (cages?)

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