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Official ARRL Field Organization Appointment Description:

The ARRL Technical Coordinator (TC) is a section-level official appointed by the Section Manager to coordinate all technical activities within the section.

The Technical Coordinator must be an ARRL Full member holding a Technician class (or higher) amateur license.

The Technical Coordinator reports to the Section Manager and is expected to maintain contact with other section-level appointees as appropriate to insure a unified ARRL Field Organization within the section.

The duties of the Technical Coordinator are as follows:

1. Supervise and coordinate the work of the section's Technical Specialists (TSs).

2. Encourage amateurs in the section to share their technical achievements with others through the pages of QST, and at club meetings, hamfests and conventions.

3. Promote technical advances and experimentation at vhf/uhf, and with specialized modes, and work closely with enthusiasts in these and other fields within the section.

4. Serve as an advisor to radio clubs that sponsor training programs for obtaining amateur licenses or upgraded licenses in cooperation with the ARRL Affiliated Club Coordinator.

5. In times of emergency or disaster, function as the coordinator for establishing an array of equipment for communications use and be available to supply technical expertise to government and relief agencies to set up emergency communications networks, in cooperation with the ARRL Section Emergency Coordinator.

6. Refer amateurs in the section who need technical advice to local TSs.

7. Encourage clubs to develop, and TSs to serve on, RFI and TVI committees in the section for the purpose of rendering technical assistance as needed.

8. Be available to assist local technical program committees in arranging suitable programs for ARRL hamfests and conventions.

9. Convey the views of section amateurs and TSs about the technical contents of QST and ARRL books to ARRL HQ. Suggestions for improvements should also be called to the attention of the ARRL HQ technical staff.

10. Work with the appointed ARRL TAs (Technical Advisors) when called upon.

11. Be available to give technical talks at club meetings, hamfests and conventions in the section. Recruitment of new hams and League members is an integral part of the job of every League appointee. Appointees should take advantage of every opportunity to recruit a new ham or member to foster growth of Field Organization programs, and our abilities to serve the public.

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