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"We're NOT from the government, we're here to help!"

The Technical Advisor role carries many hats to wear. The first is to assist clubs and individuals who need technical help, whether in personal projects, operating, or other Amateur Radio related issues. The second is to oversee the RFI and Interference issues that seem to plague all of our locations at some time or other. Another is to provide help of any nature to hams within the section, that do not have the resources available.

I am not, nor could I be, the answer to all your questions. What I am, is just as the title says, a coordinator, or facilitator, that brings the help of one person or group, to the needs of another.

I will probably not be your last stop in any particular quest, but please make me one of the first, if you cannot find your answers yourself.

I cannot guarantee results that will satisfy you, but I can and will guarantee to try and represent you in this role as well as I am able.

As is fast becoming my motto, "Help me, help them, help YOU!"

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Thank you all for allowing me the very real privilege of serving as your TC, and to help this wonderful and fascinating hobby of ours.

73, K1JAN

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